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Welcome to Backspin, the Golf Show presented by PING, the Valley’s longest-running and listened to radio show when it comes to the game of golf.  Each week’s current events, recent results, industry news, predictions, and prominent guests are the content and stories you want to hear. 

The most experienced foursome on the airwaves includes Bill Huffman, Corey LaRusso, Joe Passov, a.k.a. Travelin’ Joe, and “the Man from Van’s,’’ Rick Levy, can be heard each week on Fox Sports 910 Phoenix and globally on the iHeart Radio App from 9:00-11:00 am on Saturday mornings.

Call “The Guys” and give them your opinion on current events, products, trends, happenings in the game of golf, and of course thoughts on Arizona’s finest fairways and greens at 602-260-9191

Or test your knowledge against the “Van’s Pro” Rick Levy each Saturday on Backspin’s popular “Beat the Pro’’ contest.  Your accurate predictions on the PGA and LPGA tours may earn you prizes including a dozen golf balls and starting with $50 in prize money that compound when not earned the week before.

In any case if, you love golf or just getting started yo,u want to tune in!

Meet the Boys

Bill Huffman

Bill Huffman has been with Backspin The Golf Show since 1999, the same year he wrote the book “Arizona’s Greatest Golf Courses.”

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Corey La Russo

Corey La Russo is the son of former NBA All-Star, the late Rudy La Russo (Lakers ’59-‘67, Warriors ’67-‘70, NBA All-Star ‘62, ‘63, ‘65, ‘68, ‘69). 

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Rick Levy

Rick began his golfing career at an early age playing such spectacular courses as Lake Merced and The Olympic Club in San Francisco. 

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Joe Passov

Joe Passov, a.k.a. “Travelin’ Joe,” joined Backspin The Golf Show in 2019. Perhaps best known for his popular “Ask Travelin’ Joe” columns, Joe has had more than 2,000 articles published in nearly 100 publications.

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