Corey La Russo

Corey La Russo was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in
Pacific Palisades. He attended and graduated from Palisades High School
and is the son of former NBA All-Star, the late Rudy La Russo (Lakers
’59-‘67, Warriors ’67-‘70, NBA All-Star ‘62, ‘63, ‘65, ‘68, ‘69). Corey
has grown up around big-time sports, and also was an outstanding
basketball player and golfer.

Golf Life

In 1985 Corey accepted an invitation from Wildcats Coach Rick LaRose
to play at the University of Arizona. In Tucson, Corey played with Mike
Springer, Larry Silveira, Robert Gamez and other great players while
studying Media Arts. In 1991, Corey completed school and turned
professional touring the world on different tours from ‘91 to ‘94,
playing in Canada, South America and Asia as he attempted the PGA Tour
Qualifying School three times unsuccessfully.

In 1994 Corey turned his focus to creating BackSpin The Golf Show on
KGME 1360, “The Game”. In 1996 Corey fell into the broadcasting world
full time as the executive producer of “Femino on Sports” with talk show
host Tony Femino. The show was one of the highest-rated programs of
it’s time in Phoenix and allowed Corey the opportunity to get up close
to players, coaches, and other sports personalities. While working,
reporting, and hosting, Corey was given the opportunity to cover the
1997 Super Bowl in Tempe, Arizona, among other events.

In 1999, Corey left the “Femino On Sports” to work for a non-profit
organization and return to competitive golf emceeing events and playing
on the Western States Tour with a final attempt at PGA Tour Q-School. In
2000 with his father’s health on the decline, Corey dropped his
interests in Phoenix to return to Los Angeles. He began partnering with
his family interests in the investment banking world and International
athlete representation.

Currently Corey co-hosts Backspin and is co-owner in a stable of race
horses in California. He lives in Scottsdale. He is also the
spokesperson for the Longbow Golf Club, Iliac Golf (golf apparel and
Ping Golf.) He continues to help charity events in the Southwest as an
emcee and/or tournament host.

Horse Racing Life

Corey was introduced to horses at a young age. From the age of 12
to 16, Corey would spend two months a year at the Bar 717 Ranch in the
Trinity Mountains of Northern California. There he was able to raise,
groom, and ride the ranch horses — specifically, barrel riding and drill
Team activities. A native of California,  Coreys  Grandfather was a
track employee at Yonkers Raceway in New York for over twenty years.
Visits to the East Coast included time at the track.  As for his father,
Rudy,  while on the Lakers, he would occasionally dabble in racehorse
ownership in Southern California.  The family would often attend the
races at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, and Del Mar to see their horses
run, making for a spirited family day.

  In 2012, the LaRusso name reemerged at the track with the
creation of Corey LaRusso Racing with the help of Rafael Becerra Jr ., a
longtime trainer.  Since that time, Corey has been involved with the
ownership group of over fifteen horses in California.  Though he races
mostly under LaRusso racing, Corey maintains relationships with the
Little Red Feather, Behind the Mask, and Rockingham Ranch ownership

“First and foremost I am an animal lover. I have been blessed to be
around the very best of people in the game. That’s what keeps me in
it!” – Corey LaRusso